Watch the Evolve intro cinematic here!

Turtle Rock has sent word that asymmetrical shooter Evolve has officially gone gold, and has been sent off to the manufacturers. To celebrate, you can now buy merch for the game (which isn’t out until February 10), watch the intro cinematic, and feel good about some charitable donations.

If you want to show your love of a game that’s not yet been released, head straight to the 2K Store and check out what’s on offer – new stuff is being added all the time.

Of course, it helps if you’ve actually played the game – if you haven’t checked Evolve out yet, there’s an Xbox One Open Beta planned for next week. This will help the team “continue stress-testing the multiplayer servers”, so when the game hits shelves in February, it works straight out of the box.

Now, that charity element.

Anyone who’s seen the developers from Turtle Rock over the past year or so will surely have noticed that they’re quite a scruffy bunch. Team members adopted a “No shave till ship” policy, which saw men growing beards and women growing their hair. For each inch of beard grown and hair cut, the studio would donate money to charity.

Well, now that the game is “done”, the clippers and scissors have come out, and the total length shorn from these developers is huge: 227.5 inches!

Turtle Rock promised $50 would go to Child’s Play for each inch, meaning the studio raised a total of $11,375 – but it doesn’t stop there. Publisher 2K Games also stepped in, promising to match the dev’s contributions, bringing the total donated to US$22,750. (As a neat bonus, any hair that was long enough was also donated to Locks of Love.)

…and if all that’s not enough, Turtle Rock is already working on DLC for Evolve, promising to keep you busy for a while after the game launches on February 10.

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