Dirty Bomb sets its sights on Steam release

Dirty Bomb, the upcoming PC FPS from Splash Damage, is headed to Steam, reports publisher Nexon America. It’s been in limited early beta testing for a while now, but today marks the start of a wider (closed) test on the online platform.

Dirty Bomb is an objective-based shooter, set in a “bombed-out, futuristic London” now inhabited by colourful Mercenaries duking it out on the streets. We’re promised a return to the “classic, skill-based” style of PC gaming, from the team who created Enemy Territory.

The new Steam launch brings with it dedicated servers, as well as matchmaking, chat and parties, with still more nifty features on the way thanks to Steamworks.

Want a go? Head to the game’s official website (dirtybomb.nexon.net) and sign up for your chance to take part in the closed beta test for Dirty Bomb!

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