Far Cry 4 not working for some Xbox One fans

It’s time to get frustrated with Ubisoft again, as many gamers find they are simply unable to play Far Cry 4 on Xbox One. The problem seems to only affect those who digitally purchased the game – but it’s not affecting all customers.

It seems that while Far Cry 4 is showing up when searching the Xbox Marketplace, it’s impossible to access, in turn making it impossible to launch.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the issue, but doesn’t seem to think that the publisher is the problem:

Please make sure you are contacting Xbox Support for your region – however the team are actively investigating the issue, but please make sure Xbox Support are aware you are experiencing the issue.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time Far Cry 4 gamers have run into issues. The same thing happened around a month ago, showing “content not available” messages to people who had legitimagely purchased copies.

It’s still unclear what’s going on to prompt these issues with Far Cry 4 on Xbox One (no other Ubisoft game, no other platform), but a number of teams are working to figure it out – and, hopefully, fix the problem before too long.

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