Limbo for PS4 outed by European ratings board

Last October, the Korean ratings board revealed that Limbo was headed to Xbox One – today, it seems the European board’s outed a version for PlayStation 4 as well.

Developer Playdead has said nothing about the puzzle/platformer headed to the new platform, but the PEGI database has been updated to include the game, headed to PS4 on “January 1, 2015” (we’re guessing that’s a placeholder, for obvious reasons).

It’s been rated appropriate for gamers aged 16 years and over, and contains “realistic looking violence”.

Limbo is currently available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS Vita, mobile platforms and – as of last month, Xbox One.

Playdead is also working on its new project, a “spiritual sequel” to Limbo called Inside.

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