#IDARB soundtrack out now, pay-what-you-want

Everybody has a pile of games they want to play over the holidays, but at Player Attack HQ, there’s only one. We’ve been given an early copy of #IDARB, so we’ll be spending some quality time with that. The game itself isn’t out until February, but today we’ve got some soundtrack news and a new trailer for you.

Now, the soundtrack has been created by Bob Baffy – and he, like the rest of the team at Other Ocean, has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback about the game. It seems fans don’t only love the gameplay, but they love the music and sound as well… so Mr. Baffy’s decided to give a little back to his adoring audience.

It’s my way of thanking those of you who have sung the praises of this silly game we made for you guys. I’ve been in this industry for over 16 years, and I can honestly say this is the most fun I’ve ever had developing a game. Have a safe and happy holiday, no matter what you’re celebrating and thanks again! Enjoy the soothing sounds of #IDARB!

The full soundtrack is due out alongside the game in February, but from now until the end of the year, Baffy’s made the album available on Bandcamp as a “pay what you want” release. He also acknowledges that if December has been a “particularly difficult month for you”, then you can snag it for free.

You can wait until February to buy it on Loudr, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon, but why wait until then?

#IDARB is due out in February exclusively for Xbox One – keep an eye on Player Attack, we’ll be streaming it over the holiday break.

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