Evolve Open Beta announced… for Xbox One only

It looks like it’s time to play favourites. 2K and Turtle Rock have announced that Evolve is getting an open beta in January… and it’s an Xbox One exclusive.

Sorry, PS4...

Sorry, PS4…

Running between January 15-19, 2015, the beta test is available to everyone, even if you’ve never even looked at the 4v1 multiplayer experience that is Evolve. Play as one of four hunter classes, or as a terrifying monster as you explore the game’s core “Hunt” mode.

As you play, you’ll unlock new Monsters and Hunters – and whoever you unlock in the Open Beta will carry through to the final, retail version of the game.

It doesn’t stop there, though. While the full Xbox One Open Beta kicks off at 6am ET on January 15 (What’s that in my timezone?), things get even more exciting on January 17, when Beta players are given exclusive access to Evacuation, Evolve‘s campaign mode. (For more information, head to the Evolve blog.)

…did we mention the team’s revealed the third playable Monster character?

Meet Wraith:

The third playable Monster character is a small, terrifying, stealthy assassin that is quick in her movements and has two exceptionally long blades to deal damage up close. Despite having the least amount of health and armor among Evolve’s Monsters, Wraith’s quick, warping movements allow her to dart around during battle to avoid taking damage.

Don’t feel you have to miss out on all of this just because you’re not really the multiplayer type. Turtle Rock has also confirmed that Evolve will have a pretty killer offline solo mode. Play every character, every map and every gameplay mode in Evolve as a single player, competing against (and cooperating with) computer-controlled opponents. Hot-swap between four Hunters or play exclusively as the Monster… it’s up to you.

Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K explains:

2K and Turtle Rock Studios are creating much more than just a competitive multiplayer experience. Evolve’s addictive and replayable 4v1 gameplay formula creates intense gaming moments whether you enjoy playing alone offline, cooperatively with friends against AI, or competitively against others online.

Evolve hits Xbox One, PS4 and PC worldwide on February 10, 2015. Get ready.

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