Lords of the Fallen sequel in development

Good news for all you masochist gamers out there! It looks like Deck13 Interactive’s souls-like, Gothic-adventure, Lords of the Fallen, is getting a sequel.

It's hammer time!

It’s hammer time!

In an email to Eurogamer, executive producer Tomasz Gop stated that the developer is “now working on [the] vision and concepts for Lords 2”. This coincides nicely with a statement made by co-producer CI Games back in November, who stated that they had two AAA games in development- the second being Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, which was reveled to be in development yesterday.

Alas, that is all we are privy to right now. But allow me to hijack you for a quick tangent though. This sequel announcement has me pumped, not just for a follow up but for the future of punishingly hard adventure games. Dubbed ‘Souls-like’ by many online, these games only consisted of the greatest games of all time the games from the “Souls” series, that was until Lords of the Fallen threw its bloodied hatchet in the ring. What this says to me is that Lords souled sold enough units to warrant a sequel (obviously, since that’s how the industry works) but more importantly functioned as a more widely accommodating gateway into the genre that the ‘Souls’ series perhaps lacked.

With this and FromSoftware’s Bloodborne on the way, the future of these types of games looks pretty damn bright…or bleak…it all depends on your psychological fortitude I guess!

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