Life is Strange looks beautiful, due January

We’ve finally been given our first proper look at Life is Strange, the new narrative-driven adventure from Dontnod Entertainment, and – honestly – it’s been worth the wait. Even better than the new trailer, though? The news that first episode of the game will be available from January 30, 2015.

We still don’t know too much about Life is Strange, but we’re happy to piece a few details together. The girl with brown hair is Max Caulfield, who’s been away from her Oregon hometown for five years. The girl with blue hair is her former best friend, Chloe, and the pair are exploring the story behind a fellow student’s disappearance.

The five-part episodic adventure focusses even more on player choice than many games on the market today – also giving you the power to rewind time and make different decisions.

The first episode of Life is Strange is headed to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC on January 30, 2015. Each episode will cost US$4.99 (or equivalent) – if you’d prefer, you can snap up the entire season for US$19.99 (or equivalent). Another option, if you’re not yet convinced, is to buy the first episode and then the Life is Strange Season Pass, which gives you Episodes 2-5 at a discount. Either way, you should probably look into this one. It could be something special.

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