Become part of the next Ubisoft community trailer

Do you like FarCry 4? Do you like making stuff? Then chances are you’ve already discovered the map editor and are going to town creating all kinds of beautiful abominations. Well, now Ubisoft is giving you the chance to show your creativity off to the world!

Ubisoft are launching what they’re calling- and to call this an inspired name is an understatement- the Map Editor challenge! Calling on players to create and upload their most challenging, most innovative or just straight up hilarious maps until January 12 to score a part in the next community trailer.

How does it work? Well, upon uploading your map to the community via the map editor (and using the hashtag #FC4MAP) the good folks over at Ubisoft will start sifting through all the entries and compiling a list of craziest maps to use for the trailer.

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