Online heists coming to GTA V "early 2015"

Hot dang, its finally been announced! If you’re no longer content with annoying your friends, throwing yourself off massive buildings and having existential musing about your motivations for crime, worry no longer, as GTA online is finally adding heists!

Available “early 2015”, the online heists will be four player specific missions that will task you and your rag tag bunch of cohorts to plan, prep and eventually pull of some crazy big scores! This feature has been knocked back several times now, with Rockstar promising its inclusion after the re-release of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last month.

In an interview with IGN, producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar, explained that the content was delayed as it was “not at the level we expect of ourselves.”

“As it turns out, creating missions of that complexity for multiple players at the same time was much more difficult than we anticipated and every time we thought we were close, something would send us back to square one,” Sarwar said. “Having already let players know of our intentions with heists, every setback only increased the pressure to make sure we got them right.”

The inclusion of these new heists will add more than 20 missions and around 20 hours of extra gameplay, requiring the four players participating to all be Rank 12 or above. Each of the heists ends with a big set-piece job, and will include “new vehicles, new weapons, new items and new clothing, as well as visiting some surprising locations and interacting with some familiar characters from the story.”

With that said, it looks like I might have a reason to return to GTA online in 2015…you know, other than to see if I can fling my carcass any further by jumping into helicopter blades or contuining to sit depressed and lonely in the gutter.

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