Shoryuken! Watch Street Fighter 5 gameplay now!

Full disclaimer. I love Street Fighter. I have since I was a wee arcade rat back in the 90s. So, when Capcom said they were going to show off a sneak peek of Street Fighter 5 this weekend at the Capcom Cup tournament, it’s needless to say that a little pee may have come out of me.

Much like Capcom from years past, they didn’t fail to disappoint! We were treated to a 6 minute slug-fest between SF staples Ryu and Chun-Li, who looked and threw blows like a veteran would expect, except Capcom are mixing things up a la Third Strike, and that excites me.

Some of the new changes are as obvious as a hadouken to the face. A new mechanic sees Ryu and Chun-Li being able to now enter a power stance, which burns EX meter to modify and power up certain attacks. Not enough? Well, these two fighters movesets are rather predictable and memorised by many, since they’ve been kicking it since ’91. Not any more, sucka! Both Ryu and Chun-Li are sporting new standard and special attacks, which will flip the script on many long time players! Oh, the Ultra Combo’s from SF4 have also returned, except they now rely on a new Revenge meter.

Watching the footage, how these new mechanics work isn’t particularly clear. Enter Joe Ciaramelli to breakdown what’s happening and reveal some of the subtleties of the new refined fighting system, occasionally frame by frame- ’cause that’s how bad ass it is!

Capcom and Sony announced last week that Street Fighter 5 is going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, and will feature cross-platform play!

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