Transfer your Dark Souls save files to Steamworks

Praise the sun! Starting today, you’re finally able to transfer your Dark Souls save data from Games for Windows LIVE over to Steamworks, in such a way that means you’ll not only be free from GFWL’s clutches, but keep your progress and achievements in the process!

We first heard about plans for the transition back in October, but it’s taken a little while for things to get sorted out.

The Save Data and Achievement transfer service is available right now, and you can shift all your stuff over until February 16, when Steamworks will officially become the default host for the game. After then, there’s no guarantees that your Save Data or Achievements will be safe.

The actual transfer process for Dark Souls gamers depends on how you have acquired the game – for full instructions, head to the Steam Community page… and brace yourself. Looks like a few bugs are afoot!

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