Elite: Dangerous sets precise time for blast off

It’s time to synchronice your watches: Elite: Dangerous is set to launch at midday GMT on Tuesday, December 16th. (Well, that’s the time that Frontier Developments is aiming for, anyway.)

No matter where you are in the world, you can find out what time is that in your timezone – a quick guide: Midday GMT on December 16 is 4am Pacific US, 7am Eastern US, 1pm in chunks of Britain and Europe, 9pm in Tokyo and 11pm in Sydney.

…if you can’t get onto the game at precisely midday, don’t stress too much. Remember, Elite: Dangerous is online only, so there’s likely to be some server dramas as soon has the curtain is raised.

If you already have access to the game, it’s just been upgraded to Gamma 2.07 – most likely the last Gamma update before the game’s full release.

  • Don’t crash if a location ID isn’t valid
  • Fix text chat
  • Fix assert when loading nebulae
  • Fix set target AI assert
  • Don’t crash when in system map and dropped out of supercruise
  • Prevent rare crash if camera thinks it’s in 3D mode but isn’t
  • Avoid crashing if LightCones gets destroyed before it has finished creating
  • Make shields on Adder fit better
  • Bring warzones and civil warzones more in line with new bounty numbers, reward up to 3000c
  • Block incorrect Minor Factions giving Federal or Imperial missions
  • Fix massacre mission feedback/flow
  • Fix courier mission flow/feedback
  • Fix assassination missions so they don’t pay out twice
  • Prevent players from accepting the same permit mission again after they’ve already got that permit
  • Extend timeout for mission initial object query
  • Auto-downgrades: only select resolutions that match the native aspect ratio of the current display
  • Make all Salvage Rebel Transmissions missions use the indie text
  • Prevent the old repairer module from having more ammo than it has capacity for by restoring its ammo capacity to 5000
  • Added missing decal slots to Python
  • Fix broken paint job strings
  • Fix to a region name to prevent confusion when looking up generated systems
  • Prevent queueing the same cargo more than once to be ejected
  • Handle the case for when adjusting binary stars closer we end up causing them to intersect

With just 12 hours to go before the launch of the crowd-funded space sim, you should probably get organised – Elite: Dangerous means you’re likely to be lost in space for a while.

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