Raven's Cry pushed back (again) to January 2015

Way back at E3 2012, we interviewed Adam Kennedy from Topware about upcoming game Raven’s Cry. At the time, we were promised it would be out soon… now, we’re told we won’t be able to play until January 2015.

[img_big]center,8151,2013-08-27/RC-RP-Shot04-1600×0900-27-08-2013.jpg,Raven’s Cry[/img_big]

Sure, that’s just over a month away, but the game’s been in the works for years now, facing delay after delay. There was a firm release date of October 2013, but when development shifted from Octane Studios to Reality Pump Studios, things were pushed back. Then, we were promised October 2014, which came and went without a peep, and now… this.

Publisher TopWare Interactive says it had hoped the dark pirate epic would be ready in time to be put under the Christmas tree, but – alas – it’s not quite ready yet.

We’re not willing to rush things or make any compromises with this project, so we decided to give this complex RPG adventure a little bit more time to make sure all the blades are nice and sharp, so to speak.

We owe it to our fans, who have been waiting a long time for a such an exciting pirate experience.

The game promises to be a dark, brooding RPG, a far cry from the bright, cliched pirates we see so often today. Forget everything you know about pirates – Raven’s Cry delves into the true stories of what really happened.

The adjusted calendar sees Raven’s Cry hitting Windows, Mac and Linux on January 28, with an “early 2015” date still pencilled in for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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