Alien: Isolation developer wants to make a sequel

When Alien: Isolation hit shelves earlier this year, the horror game took us all by surprise. Creative Assembly really did make the Alien game we’d all been waiting for, and now it seems they want to make another one.

Gary Napper, lead designer on Alien: Isolation at Creative Assembly has admitted that the studio discusses a follow-up on almost a daily basis, with the most heated discussions focussing on the plot.

People have their own ideas for where it should go, our writers have some solid concepts and yes, we do have a great opportunity to continue her story.

If we made a sequel, I would like to stick to the same terrifying single Alien approach but do more with the environment and interactivity within it.

Napper spoke to fansite Aliens vs Predator Galaxy, in a spoiler-filled conversation (we don’t advise reading it unless you’ve finished the game). He also discusses the two new difficulty settings added to the game, benefiting gamers who wanted Isolation to be simultaneously more simple and more difficult.

Alien: Isolation is out now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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