Steam Auction: Get games in exchange for stuff

Valve understands you. I mean, they really understand you. They know your Steam Community Inventory is cluttered up with stuff you don’t care about – trading cards, backgrounds, emoticons – so they’re giving you a nifty way of getting rid of them. In exchange, you’ll get games!

The First Steam Holiday Auction

The First Steam Holiday Auction

It’s not a straight-forward exchange. You’ll be given Steam Gems in exchange for your unwanted Steam Community Inventory items. Those Gems are then a new currency that can be used to bid on Steam games (more than 200,000 are currently on offer). It’s the first Steam Holiday Auction!

Everybody has unwanted stuff in their inventories – more than 1,200 games give out trading cards just for playing, whether you like the game or not. If you want a little more value for your stuff, craft the cards into badges and trade those – they’ve got a much higher gem value.

…if, somehow, you don’t have anything you no longer want, you can always buy or trade other bits and pieces on the Community Market, meaning you should be able to build up quite the valuable collection without too much effort.

Bidding’s already started, so if you’re interested, you’d better hop to it – new Auction Rounds happen every 45 minutes. The promotion runs until 10am PT December 18 (What’s that in my timezone?), but we’re guessing if it works well, it won’t be the last we see of the auction house.

For more information, here’s a handy comic you can read!

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