Get ready for multiplayer Don't Starve next week

Indie survival game Don’t Starve is set to get a standalone multiplayer expansion next week, as Don’t Starve Together reaches Steam Early Access from Monday.

While the original game is hauntingly lonely and designed for just one person, Don’t Starve Together gives two to four players the opportunity to join up in a group. You can either pick your friends and play in a private match, or team up with strangers in a public game – but keep in mind, your fellow survivors might not quite have the same goals as you!

To get the best of both worlds – alone and together – you can snap up the Frontier Pack, which includes both a copy of the original Don’t Starve and two copies of Don’t Starve Together (one for you, one for a friend). You can grab that from December 15 for US$5 if you’ve already got a copy of Don’t Starve, or US$20 if you don’t.

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