Papers, Please brings bureaucracy to iPad

In case your real life wasn’t stressful enough, immigration inspection experience Papers, Please is headed to iPad, meaning you’ll be able to recognise the glory of Arstotzka in a somewhat more portable form.

Papers, Please on iPad

Papers, Please on iPad

The game, which puts you in charge of accepting (and rejecting) immigrants who wish to live in Arstotzka, first launched on PC in August 2013, and sold more than 500,000 copies in its first seven months.

If you’ve already played the PC version (and I hope you have), you’ll notice a few differences in the iOS release. Specifically, the “full nudity” option for the search scanner photos in the game has been removed. Developer Lucas Pope explains the change:

The iPad version has no full nudity option for the search scanner photos. Apple rejected that build for containing “pornographic content.”

Of course, there’s still another version of Papers, Please in the works – Pope announced a build for PlayStation Vita a while ago, but has scarcely mentioned it since. Turns out that while he handled the iPad transition himself, the handheld rendition presents some “interesting UI challenges”. At this stage, there’s no launch window for the Vita version, and Pope admits that he “probably announced it too early”.

On iOS, however, Papers, Please arrives within the next 24 hours or so.

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