SimCity 2000 is now free, thanks EA!

SimCity 2000 was, for many people, the absolute pinnacle of city-builders – and right now, you can grab a PC copy of the game absolutely free, thanks to EA. The game’s the latest in the publisher’s On the House program, so it’ll be there for a limited time.

SimCity 2000: Look at those pixels!

SimCity 2000: Look at those pixels!

All you need is an Origin account, and you can download a copy of SimCity 2000 Special Edition right now through the Origin store. Dust off your mayor hat and prepare to raise taxes – you’ll need all the funds you can get to deal with the aftermath of that hurricane!

In the past, EA has given away games across all genres, including Crusader: No Remorse, Wing Commander 3, and Dragon Age: Origins, Bejeweled 3, Peggle, Dead Space, Battlefield 3 and Plants vs. Zombies.

If you’d prefer not to bother with Origin (always an option), then has SimCity 2000 for US$2.99.

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