Street Fighter V announced, exclusive to PS4 and PC

I know this is old news (2 days is like last year in this biz) but for y’all arcade fighters out there that missed this: Capcom officially announced Street Fighter V at Sony‘s Playstation Experience event. More interestingly though, is the fact that the seminal title will exclusive to the PS4 and Windows PC, with Sony’s Adam Boyes saying the “PS4 will be the only console this game ever appears on.”

Apart from being treated to the niffy video of Ryu and Chun Li duking it out, not much else was revealed- oh, other than that the game will feature cross-play between the platforms! That’s kinda a big deal, be excited with me!

On the flipside, Xbox has been really classy about the whole thing, with Phil Spencer responding to hordes of twitter reactions saying “Business deals happen and we won’t do them all”. He goes on to say that this inter-company competition is good for the industry and the consumer.

“I appreciate the competition, they do good work. I just focus on us and like you say, I think that makes us better.” he wrote.

As a fighting game enthusiast, I couldn’t be any happier at this news! From the gameplay footage shown the game looks slick, familiar and just different enough to reignite my future carpal tunnel risks!

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