Politician sprung playing Candy Crush in parliament

It seems that the addictive qualities of Candy Crush Saga have gotten the better of a British MP. Conservative Nigel Mills was caught matching coloured candy during a parliamentary committee meeting he really should have been paying attention to.

He admits to local media that he “wasn’t focussing on” the works and pensions committee meeting, and took the opportunity to have a quick game or two while other politicians discussed pension reforms and the insurance industry.

I shouldn’t do it but if you check the meeting I would say I was fully engaged in asking questions that I thought were particularly important in how we get the pensions issue right. I shall try not to do it in the future.

Mills is hardly alone in his candy crushing – publisher King claims that more than a billion games are played each day, as Candy Crush Saga is labelled the highest-grossing iOS game of 2014. The MP has apologised “unreservedly” on Twitter, acknowledging that his behaviour “fell short of what is expected of a Member of Parliament”.

In the past, mobile games were also blamed for a Philippine jailbreak, when a police officer was too busy playing Plants vs. Zombies to notice inmates stealing his keys.

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