DriveClub gets new update, weather on the way

There’s bad weather on the way for DriveClub, but this is something fans are actually looking forward to. The latest patch for the troubled game promises “major improvements to online play”, with another due later this week bringing some long-promised weather effects.

Evolution Studios says via Facebook that today’s update means challenges are now up and running for everybody, but the game’s still nowhere near perfect:

We are still working to keep improving server performance, so that we can reach the capacity levels required to support the companion app and the PS+ Edition of DRIVECLUB.

We will keep you updated with our progress on this and we will continue to develop game updates to enhance and expand the game in the mean time, so please keep sharing your feedback with us.

Remember, if you haven’t yet picked up your free apology DLC for Driveclub, then head to the PlayStation Store and search for “DriveClub” to find all the bits and pieces (alternatively, grab them here: Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America, Canada).

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