Tomb Raider themed items coming to Team Fortress 2

When new items make it into Valve’s Team Fortress 2 it’s always happy days- that’s just a true fact- and the newest batch of items to get announced have not failed to put smiles on peoples faces! Last month Valve fired up a contest for item creators to sculpt new content inspired by the one and only tomb raider, Lara Croft. Needless to say, what we ended up with is pure gold!

Who likes short shorts!?

Who likes short shorts!?

Ironically the one thing Valve asked content creators not to do turned out being the one thing their- and by proxy our- lives had been missing! Prepare your body for the Heavy and Sniper to now be able to rock Lara styled explorer short shorts! I know! You can truly die happy now, right?

“Once we actually glimpsed the majesty of Heavy short shorts, we saw the error of our ways,” Valve said in regards to the wonder that awaits us.

The shorts- aptly named Jungle Booty-are coming to the Mann Co. Store along with the other two winners: Lara’s classic John Lennon specs (called Tomb Readers) and a super regal Egyptian headdress (called Crown of the Old Kingdom).

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