Sony celebrates 20 years with PlayStation nostalgia

Sony is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original PlayStation console, and it’s doing it in style. We’ve just learned about a brand new, limited edition PlayStation 4 that’s been polished up to reflect the look and feel of the old favourite games machine.

The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition will be limited to 12,300 units worldwide (in a nod to the original PlayStation launch date of December 3, 1994), and will come complete with accessories in “Original Gray”, in a special commemorative box.

If you’re too young to remember the original PlayStation, let me refresh your memory: The system was praised for its cutting-edge technology – including (wait for it) the ability to process high-resolution 3D computer graphics in real time. There was a massive library of games available, and the console became the first in history to move more than 100 million units worldwide.

Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. explains:

The ‘PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition’ is a very special model that is reminiscent of the original PlayStation, which has inspired every other PlayStation platform launched in the past two decades. This limited edition PS4 offers a great sense of nostalgia to long-time PlayStation fans, while also providing a fresh experience to those who never picked up the original console. The ‘PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition’ embodies our appreciation and gratitude to all our fans, publishers, and business partners that have provided us with tremendous support for the past 20 years, and we look forward to their support as we continue to imagine and build the future of PlayStation together for years to come. We remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver the best gaming experiences and to offer the best place to play for gamers around the world.

We don’t know how many of the 12,300 limited edition PS4 consoles will be available in Australia – or quite how much the manufacturer will charge for them – but there’s a cheaper option that’s available right now. (By cheaper, we mean free!)

PS4 system update 2.03 is available for download today. It improves system software stability and does all the usual things you’d expect from a system update, but it also addds a nostalgic “Original Gray” background, with a familiar bit of start-up music. Ah, Memory Lane…

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