27m fans watched Legue of Legends Worlds 2014

Did you watch the League of Legends 2014 World Championship back in October? If you did, you’re in good company – Riot has announced that the total overall unique viewer count for the finals hit a massive 27 million, worldwide.

League of Legends - Worlds 2014 (Sangam Stadium)

League of Legends – Worlds 2014 (Sangam Stadium)

There were 288 million cumulative daily unique impressions counted across all stages from Taipei to Seoul (that is, the number of people who watched at least one match – most people watched more than one). This adds up to more than 179 million hours total – more than 100 million more than the 70 million hours people watched of the Season 3 World Championships. This massive number was broken down into an average chunk of 67 minutes per person.

That’s all well and good, but the really impressive figure? Peak concurrent viewers for the showdown between Samsung White and Royal Club: 11.2 million. (That’s up 8.7 million compared to 2013!)

It’s awesome to see fans enjoying Worlds as a community, whether it’s with 40,000 friends cheering together in Sangam Stadium, or as a group staying up late at a local viewing party halfway across the world. We’re honored by your passion and participation. Thank you for tuning in.

The official numbers – and some of the calculations behind them – are available on the League of Legends website. Don’t let anyone tell you gaming’s not big business!

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