Peggle Blast drops onto iOS / Android

PopCap has again dropped onto our mobile devices with the out-of-the-blue release of Peggle Blast!. The only thing stopping us from calling this a “must-buy” title is the fact that it’s available completely free, on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

The team at PopCap have compiled five things you need to know about this new Peggle experience:

  1. Ready, Aim, Pop!
    Just like we’re used to, each level is full of orange pegs that need to be cleared. Rack up bonus points, hit style shots and earn stars in order to progress to the next level.
  2. Meet the Masters:
    Old favourites like Bjorn the Unicorn are back, joined with a whole new cast of “playful masters” including Pearl the Octopus and Kablooey the Peacock. They’re here to help you “aim for greatness”, says PopCap.
  3. Devious New Challenges:
    Gnomes, time bombs and goopy pegs face all-new challenges in Peggle Blast – you’ll need to learn new techniques and practice your old ones if you want to overcome these obstacles!
  4. Explosive Boosts:
    There’s also a stack of new boosts to improve your chances: The Ring of Fire and the Egg Net, the Super Guide and extra balls… so many options, at your fingertips!
  5. Anytime, anywhere:
    It’s surprising to learn that this is the first Peggle game built from scratch for mobile platforms, so it’s perfectly tuned for smartphones. Whether you’re fitting in a quick fix while waiting for the bus, or settling in for a marathon on the couch, playing Peggle has never been easier.
  6. …and before you ask, yes, the game’s stirring classical score has returned for this mobile release – so make sure you turn the volume up! (Unless, maybe, you’re playing Peggle Blast on the bus… then we recommend headphones.)

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