Steam Broadcasting lets you share with your friends

If you’re the sort of person who likes to show off their gaming skills online – or if you like to watch that sort of person, there’s a new challenger in town. Starting today, Steam has entered the arena, as Steam Broadcasting enters open beta testing.

Steam Broadcasting - as simple as that!

Steam Broadcasting – as simple as that!

Like you’d expect, Steam Broadcasting has been designed to be super-easy. To watch what your friends are playing, it’s a simple matter of clicking “Watch Game” on their profile or in your Friends List. A window will open up into their gameplay – you don’t need to own the game, pay any fees or download any extra apps.

On the flipside, you can choose who’s able to see your gaming – only friends that you invite, friends who request to watch and you approve, all friends, or everybody!

The best part about this is that it’s available right now to everyone who opts into beta testing via the Steam Settings panel, although Valve warns that bandwidth may be limited during the beta period.

We’ll be playing around a bit with this later on and will let you know how we go. If you try out the new Steam Broadcasting functionality, make sure you let Valve know what you think! The studio is interested in all feedback and ideas on how the feature can be made even better – so please, share your thoughts.

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