Hacker group Lizard Squad takes down Xbox Live

Oh boy. I can’t think of a better way to start off the week than by having the reviled hacker group, Lizard Squad, rear their head again and take down Xbox Live for apparently no reason…
As of about an hour ago the groups official twitter page sent out an ominously simple message: ‘Xbox Live #offline’.

Xbox Live


Needless to say, this ignited a powderkeg of anger and confusion all over twitter with misguided tweets being fired towards a multitude of different accounts. Short story: if you’re looking for someone to blame, that onus rests solely in the hands of Lizard Squad- not Microsoft. That said I wouldn’t waste your digital breath telling them, since they’ve set up a twitter link to everyone’s upset tweets titled ‘here’s some quality entertainment’.

This isn’t the first time this hacker group has gone out of it’s way to inconvenience consumers and damage companies, having been responsible for DDOS attacks on Destiny, PSN and several EA titles in the last couple of months alone. Taking down Xbox Live was considered a ‘Christmas Present’ for Microsoft, with the group threatening that this is a ‘small dose of what’s to come on Christmas‘.

Nothing quite says Christmas cheer like a bunch of guys ruining everyone else’s fun for perverse kicks, right?

*Disclaimer- I was playing Dark Souls on GFWL. I was mid Ornstein and Smough. I am now sad…

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