Rare defective Samus Aran Amiibo sells for $2,500

Nintendo has only just launched its first wave of Amiibo figures, but already they’re selling for big bucks online. A rare defected (perfected?) Metroid model featuring two hand cannons has just sold for US$2,500 on eBay – a far cry from the AU$20 the “normal” ones will cost you.

Samus Aran Amiibo

Defected, or Perfected?

The manufacturing defect has apparently given Samus Aran double the firepower, replacing her left arm with a second hand cannon. The modification is purely cosmetic and has not changed the way the character operates in-game, but the fact that she’s still in her mint-condition factory packaging makes this Samus a collector’s edition.

While we’re assuming there are more than one dual-hand cannon model Amiibo in the wild, we’re not sure if other characters have been accidentally mis-printed, as well.

Keep a close eye on your local gaming retailer – and if you find an Amiibo that doesn’t look quite right, it could be worth real money!

Thanks, Polygon!

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