Epic Games: Fortnite enters alpha testing

Remember Fortnite? Epic Games teased us with this brand new IP years ago, then re-revealed it earlier this year… but now, almost out of the blue, it’s entering alpha testing!

Known officially as Online Test 1, this is the first phase of Fortnite‘s alpha testing. It will run from December 2 until December 19 – nearly three weeks of day/night cycle action and build-your-own-defense!

Natalie Brickell from Epic explains that more information is available in the Fortnite FAQ:

During this phase of the Alpha we are testing to make sure all of the basic stuff, from the launcher to all the game systems, is working so we can start getting real feedback from real players to help us make the game better. The game is still rough around the edges but we think it can benefit from your input even at this early stage.

Invitations are being sent out right now, with more on the way later this week. Some of those invitations come bundled with friend invites so you can bring a friend or two in on the action!

Of course, if you want a chance to try Fortnite before it hits shelves, you’ll need to head to the website and register. Even if you miss out on this current Alpha test, you’ll be included in a future phase – new people are being added to the list all the time!

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