After 15 years, The Longest Journey arrives on iOS

1999 PC favourite The Longest Journey has gently slipped onto iOS devices, bringing the point and click adventure to an all-new audience.

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey

The game – which requires iOS 7.0 or later – is in the iTunes App Store for US$8.99 (or thereabouts), and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

As well as some redesigned touch screen / mobile controls, the new version of The Longest Journey also includes a dynamic help system and all 150 locations from the original PC release.

The timing might seem odd – the game’s been out for nearly 15 years now – but series creator Ragnar Tornquist is currently working on a long-awaited sequel for The Longest Journey. The first – Dreamfall: The Longest Journey was released in April 2006, but a new follow-up, Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, has been successfully crowd-funded, with the first episode released earlier this year.

To fill the gaps between Book One and Book Two, it makes a lot of sense to revisit where it all began!

The Longest Journey is also available on Steam.

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