Godus arrives on Android hardware

Android gamers can now play at being an omnipresent deity, as Peter Molyneux’s free-to-play Godus makes its debut onto the mobile platform. It’s been playable on iOS hardware since August, but now the rest of the world can get a look-in, too.

Like other god-games that Molyneux has worked with in the past, Godus gives gamers a blank slate, an open world where a new society can grow from the primitive era through the ages of humanity.

You – of course – play as a god, guiding in-game followers on voyages to new and uncharted lands, and reaping the rewards.

Godus was initially crowd-funded in 2012, raising more than £450,000. A beta version arrived on PC and Mac last year, while developer 22 Cans releasing major expansions on all platforms.

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