This War of Mine covers dev costs in two days

Indie developer 11 bit studios has published a nifty little infographic to show just how well new game This War of Mine is doing now that it’s been out in the world for a little while. There’s some impressive numbers here, accompanying the official 1.1 update for the game.

Patch-wise, you’ll get new character setups, a handful of bug fixes, some enhanced localisations and three new songs from Polish punk band Cool Kids of Death, all just adding to a game that’s already enjoying a serious chunk of measurable success.

We’ll forgive 11 bit for gloating, just a little – the little indie game is currently selling better on Steam than a certain big-name shooter from a certain big-name brand!

The infographic shows that the studio was able to cover all the costs of the game’s development in just two days, while gamers picked up This War of Mine from 92 differnet countries around the world.

This War of Mine Infographic

(Click to embiggen)

Meanwhile, if you want to know what all the fuss is about, This War of Mine is currently 10% off on Steam, so you should probably go add your number to the statistics!

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