Grey Goo plots release strategy for January

Grey Goo, the RTS currently in the works at former Command & Conquer developers Petroglyph, is officially less than two months away.

Community manager Mathew “Berek” Anderson has announced that Grey Goo will hit Steam from January 23, 2015 – a little earlier than expected:

Back in August, our plan was to start Alpha testing in order to get comprehensive feedback on the game, and then ramp up from there. What ended up happening is that our testing phases, including Closed Alpha, provided us with such valuable information on subjects like balance, stability, fun factor and more – that we were able to double down, start working on these things, and come up with a final road map that would take us straight to launch.

The game itself is a fascinating concept – the enemy AI adapts and changes, based on the way you play the game, so your enemies may act completely different to your neighbour’s. Grey Goo is inspired by concepts from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and focusses on machines learning to survive, stripping the planet of its natural resources.

While Petroglyph should be enough of a studio pedigree to guarantee a good game (and yes, Frank Klepacki is contributing to the soundtrack), it gets even better. Special effects studio WETA Workshop is taking some time out from its busy movie schedule (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, King Kong) to help out with the game’s art.

If you want to see more Grey Goo, and get up to speed with what’s going, Petroglyph has been very generous with its time – here, take a look at this 1hr+ developer diary!

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