Start your engines: DayZ introduces vehicles

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from DayZ, and now we have two updates in as many days. While MiniDayZ is bubbling away in its own space, now the full, 3D open-world version of the game has received a long-overdue introduction: Vehicles.

The world of DayZ is 225 square kilometres, which feels really really huge when you have to traverse it by foot (especially when your shoes keep wearing out). However, the game’s been in alpha/early access for nearly a year now and Bohemia Interactive thinks it’s about time you got some wheels.

The first iteration of vehicles is being rolled out today via the game’s experimental branch. At this stage, they’re being added in their most basic form, as the developer explains:

Although the data for parts and some tech is there, the systems need to be configured. You can expect to drive the vehicle, use it for transport of you and your codriver from point A to point B. However for this experimental you dont need to repair anything and you can find vehicles easily. This will not be the case later in their development. We increased the number of available vehicles by a great amount so you can have fun and break them.

As with all new introductions, brace yourself for some glitches and the occasional placeholder graphic. A list of expected issues has been posted to the DayZ Steam community, which is also a good place to go for support and advice on the game.

DayZ started life as a mod for Arma 2, but is now a standalone offering – you can grab it now for PC via Steam early access.

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