Name the fourth Evolve monster

Turtle Rock has introduced us all to the fourth monster that will be wreaking havoc in Evolve, but we don’t know what to call the giant brute. He’s massive, bigger even than original monster Goliath, and Turtle Rock needs your help to give him a name.

Evolve: Name the Monster

We think he should be named Herbert.

Technically, the beast hasn’t been finished yet – so his silhouette may change compared to the version shown above. Perhaps his new name might give the designers some inspiration?

…really though, that seems unlikely. Rather than giving you the option to suggest the most appropriate name, Turtle Rock is asking you to pick from four pre-determined choices. They are, unfortunately, pretty dull.

  • Juggernaut
  • Titan
  • Colossus
  • Behemoth

While we can understand that Turtle Rock might not want to open up the (somewhat serious) game to the whims of the internet (because hands-down, it’ll be named something to do with butts, bacon or both), we’re a little disappointed by the choices on offer. Even something sarcastic like “Tiny” would have added some creativity to the mix.

Anyway, the key thing to learn here is that after you’ve named the monster, you can take him home. If you’ve pre-ordered Evolve, he’s yours as a bonus after the game launches in February. Otherwise, if you want to play as the new monster, you’ll have to pay up. If you just want to play against him, you’ll get the content for free.

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