Sony says PSN hack claim is fake

Over the weekend, a hacker group calling itself DerpTrolling claimed to have hacked a number of gaming services, including the PlayStation Network, Windows Live, 2K Games and Blizzard‘s Today, Sony says it’s found no signs that suggest such an attack has occurred on its servers, at least.

PlayStation Network

Maybe safer than we think…

DerpTrolling claimed to be behind the DDoS attack on Blizzard‘s servers two weeks ago, as well as obtaining usernames and passwords for more than 2,131 PSN accounts, 1,473 Windows Live accounts, and 2,000 from 2K Games.

Despite originally claiming it would not release any of the information, CNET reports the alleged account details were posted online as “a very small portion” of the group’s raids. According to a public statement, the group has “7 million usernames and passwords”, including 800,000 2K accounts and 1.7 million EA accounts.

However, Sony at least says the data isn’t anything to do with the PlayStation Network:

We have investigated the claims that our network was breached and have found no evidence that there was any intrusion into our network. Unfortunately, Internet fraud including phishing and password matching are realities that consumers and online networks face on a regular basis. We take these reports very seriously and will continue to monitor our network closely.

Sony isn’t the first to call this one a fake, either: Many of the listed addresses are not linked to PlayStation Network accounts, with passwords that do not follow the network’s guidelines. Some of the other “leaked” user data may be legitimate, but there’s an argument that it was information obtained through previous breaches on the games networks, rather than a current threat.

Regardless of how recent the information is, if you use any of the allegedly-affected networks, it’s not a bad idea to change your password anyway.

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