You'll be able to play with all Evolve DLC for free

Even if you don’t pay for extra Evolve content, Turtle Rock doesn’t want you to miss out on some great new maps. The studio has confirmed that all post-release maps will be released free to all users, as a way of keeping the community together.

Creative director Phil Robb explains:

We can’t break the community up, so all of our maps will be free. We never want anyone to get booted off of a server because they haven’t bought something.

You’ll also be able to play against the new DLC characters and monsters – you just won’t be able to choose to play as them. Robb tells IGN that the studio wants everybody’s game to be “enhanced” through DLC purchases – and inevitably hopes that someone likes the new monsters, hunters or characters enough to shell out for their own copy.

Evolve is headed to PC, PS4 and Xbox One from February 10, 2015. Remember, if you pre-order the game, you’ll get brand new monster DLC for free!

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