Atari: Game Over documentary out now on Xbox

Looking for something to watch this weekend? How about the Microsoft documentary Atari: Game Over? It’s available now, worldwide, for free via Xbox Video.

The movie is an hour-long look at the rise and fall of classic video game company Atari. Filmmakers dug into the legendary landfill site of Alamogordo, New Mexico (literally), in an effort to discover whether or not millions of unsold E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial video cartridges had been buried there in 1983.

…in case you missed the update, they found around 792,000 Atari 2600 cartridges at the site, buried under a layer of concrete.

Atari: Game Over is directed by Zak Penn (screenwriter on The Avengers), and is one of the last projects that Xbox Entertainment Studios completed before it was closed last month.

If you watch the movie, love it, and want to own a piece of history for yourself, some of the uncovered game cartridges are being sold on eBay, with proceeds going to the Tularosa Basin Historical Society. If you miss out, others are being shipped to relevant museums around the world, so you can still visit.

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