Are you missing the FOV slider in Far Cry 4?

If you’re playing Far Cry 4 on PC and are getting frustrated over the lack of a field-of-vision (FOV) slider, there’s an easy fix: Pay for the game, rather than grabbing a pirate copy.

Following on from yesterday’s indie approach to piracy, it seems the team at Ubisoft is prompting Far Cry 4 fans to out themselves for not actually buying the game.

Game director Alex Hutchinson broke the news via Twitter in response to gamers complaining about the apparently-missing feature.

PC players! If you’re online complaining about the lack of FOV control … You pirated the game.

It turns out the FOV slider was intentionally left out of the shipped version of Far Cry 4, and added into the game as a day-one patch. Pirated copies didn’t get the patch, and therefore are missing out on all the graphical goodness.

Other games that have played with pirates like this include The Sims 4 and its expanding pixel “mosaic”, and the poetic justice of Game Dev Tycoon, where pirates found their virtual games became a victim of virtual piracy, prompting the virtual studio to go out of business.

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