Watch_Dogs arrives on Wii U – complete with DLC

Believe it or not, but the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs is finally hitting consoles this week, and Ubisoft has made yet another backflip on promises for the game. This time, it’s a good one: Despite saying that Wii U gamers would not get any of the DLC released for other platforms, the publisher is now saying that they will. Some of it, at least.

The Conspiracy digital trip adds a new mode to the game that sees Aiden hunting invisible killer robots, and was released nearly six months ago. Access Granted was originally offered as a pre-order bonus, and is crammed with costumes, weapons and perks. Both DLC packs are set to launch onto the eShop at the same time as the game.

No, that’s not all the DLC you’ll be able to play if you have the game on other platforms – Wii U gamers are still missing out on the Bad Blood DLC pack, which added a new playable character (T-Bone) and map. Despite changing its mind on the others, Ubisoft seems pretty set on the idea that Wii U fans are just going to have to miss out.

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