Smash Bros 3DS updated, fans write changelog

Nintendo tends to do things somewhat differently to other companies, for whatever reason. Take today, for example. The company’s just released the first balance patch for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS… but didn’t bother publishing any patch notes.

…lucky for you, the Smash Bros community is somewhat obsessive, and the lovely folks at Smash Boards have pieced together all of the changes for the game. Most are tweaks and updates to individual characters, but there’s also a warning: Your saved replays of the game will no longer be supported by Super Smash Bros for 3DS, which seems a reasonable price to pay for all these changes.


  • Using Flying Slam (side special) to commit suicide with an opponent (a.k.a. Bowsercide) will now kill Bowser first.
  • Forward smash does less damage when fully charged.


  • Faster lasers. Reduced recovery on ending animation.


  • Decreased landing lag on neutral air.


  • Shadow Sneak no longer cancels landing lag on aerial attacks.
  • Up smash recovery time increased.


  • Forward air now autocancels due to faster startup and shorter recovery time.
  • Other tests in progress, according to Smash Boards, including faster running speed.

King Dedede

  • Down throw launches opponents slightly more vertically.
  • Up air does not spike when the last hit doesn’t connect.
  • Forward air damage decreased by 1%.


  • Second hit for forward smash is easier to land.
  • Bomb canceling lag removed.

Little Mac

  • Second and third hit of jab combo deal 1% less damage.

Mega Man

  • Reduced recovery time on Leaf Shield.

Meta Knight

  • Neutral air buffed from 7% to 10%.
  • Dimensional Cape (down special) buffed. Sends target at more horizontal angle.
  • Forward throw adjusted and now has two hitboxes.
  • Back throw buffed to slightly increase knockback.
  • Back air attack knockback buffed significantly to KO around 30% earlier.
  • Forward air attack can no longer spike.


  • Down throw damage decreased to 7% from 9%.


  • Back air no longer sends fire hydrant flying.


  • Aerial attacks used while floating are now subject to become stale, reducing damage if overused.


  • Knockback increased on Thunder (down special), Skull Bash (side special), and parts of forward smash.

Rosalina & Luma

  • Neutral air damage reduced by 3%.
  • Luma respawn time now 13 seconds, up from previous 8 seconds.
  • Luma recall speed greatly increased.
  • Up smash knockback decreased.
  • Down tilt hitbox reduced.
  • Neutral air damage slightly nerfed.
  • Grab recovery increased.
  • Down smash recovery increased.
  • Forward smash startup time increased.
  • Neutral air knockback decreased.


  • Bouncing Fish (down special) knockback decreased.
  • Up+A air attack knockback decreased.


  • Jab combo decreased by 2%.
  • Up smash damage increased by 1%.
  • Down smash damage increased by 1%.
  • Down tilt damage increased by 1%.
  • Forward tilt damage increased by 1%.
  • Forward smash damage increased by 1%.
  • Up air damage increased by 2-3%.

Toon Link

  • Bomb canceling lag removed.

Wii Fit Trainer

  • Air dodge into ground lag standardized to 22 frames from 12 frames.


  • Up tilt damage increased by 1%.

Zero Suit Samus

  • Plasma Whip (side special) connects properly and recovers faster due to more interruptable frames.
  • Forward Smash connects better.
  • Neutral air has a different knockback angle, creating different combo possibilities.
  • Flip Jump (down special) is safer on block.
  • Boost Kick (up special) connects better off a throw.
  • Down throw knockback is different.
  • Platform recovery distance reduced from above and below.
  • Air dodge landing lag increased to 22 frames from 15 frames.
  • Paralyzer (neutral special) uncharged shot has a few more frames of recovery. Full charge is unaffected.
  • Blast Shot and Spreading Shot (custom neutral specials) can now be released before being charged fully.
  • Spreading Shot (custom neutral special) now lasts long enough for ZSS to get a follow-up.
  • Whip Lash (custom side special) received same adjustments as Plasma Whip.
  • Impact Kick (custom up special) now properly absorbs the target. Final hit now connects properly.
  • Lateral Kick (custom up special) now allows full aerial movement during special fall.
  • Low Flip (custom down special) travels faster across the field.

Also, remember that this changelog has been put together by fans, so while it should be (mostly) accurate, it might not be complete. For the latest, head to Smash Boards – and thank them for their research, while you’re there!

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