Blizzard offers free game time to WoW subscribers

Blizzard would like to apologise for the recent launch of new World of Warcraft expansion set Warlords of Draenor, which wasn’t exactly the runaway success the studio had been hoping for.

Or, in a way, it was successful – too many fans tried to access the game’s servers, leading to lengthy wait times, something that was made even worse when Blizzard was targeted by a DDoS attack within 24 hours of Warlords‘ launch.

Now, the game’s executive producer, J. Allen Brack, has stepped up to publicly apologise for the drama – and to offer gamers a little something to help make up for it.

I know how much everyone was looking forward to this expansion, and once you were able to get in and start having fun, all the comments I’ve seen indicate that this is one of our best yet. But the quality of the content does not excuse the subpar launch experience we delivered, and I apologize for that.

In an open letter posted on the World of Warcraft forums, Brack acknowledges that although millions of gamers were able to log in and play (and many have reached the new level cap of 100), the first two days of the expansion “were not a great experience”

In response, Blizzard is rolling out new instancing tech, which will raise the capacity of all realms. The changes will see “approximately double the prelaunch capacity on each realm”, which the studio hopes will eliminate queues.

The support voiced by many of you as we worked through the challenges was immensely appreciated. We’re extremely grateful to be part of such a passionate community. We love World of Warcraft, and we’re very proud of this expansion, so stumbling out of the gates like this was very disappointing for all of us.

To help make up for the downtime, Blizzard is adding five days of game time to every World of Warcraft subscription that was active as of Friday, November 14, in the Americas, Oceania and Europe. “Things are already in a much better place,” says Brack. “I hope you’ll now be able to focus on having a ton of fun with this expansion.”

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is out right now for Mac and PC – you will need a copy of the original World of Warcraft to play.

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