Grand Theft Auto V HD gets 162 new songs

Depending on where you are in the world, Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 and Xbox One is either out right now, or in a few hours’ time, and Rockstar Games has unveiled a killer soundtrack for the game. We knew it would be good, but the studio’s added 162 new songs to the list, so we understand if you want to visit Los Santos just to listen to the music.

FlyLo FM, compiled by real-world producer Flying Lotus, has received a stack of new tracks, some featuring the artist in various collaborations. The original game featured 40 minutes of FlyLo’s choice cuts – now that’s been expanded out, with bands like DOOM joining OutKast, Aphex Twin and Thundercat.

It makes sense then, why Rockstar Games has announced it will release the game’s soundtrack as a massive 3CD set (that’s 6 vinyl records, if you’re into that sort of thing), featuring all of the original music created for the game by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, the Alchemist and Oh No. There’s also songs you can’t hear anywhere else and selected tunes from the licensed soundtrack, meaning you’ll snag tracks from A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Yeasayer and – of course – the aforementioned Flying Lotus.

Grand Theft Auto V is out this week for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, coming to PC in January. The 59-song soundtrack release is due in December. This is normally where we’d share the entire tracklisting for the game with you, but… it’s massive. If you want to know what you’ll be listening to, head to Pitchfork magazine.

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