Kan-Ra is coming to Killer Instinct

Have you met Kan-Ra? He’s the third new character to be introduced to Killer Instinct, and he’s on his way. Developer Iron Galaxy has confirmed that this undead sorceror will be arriving in the game by the end of the month – and we’d like to introduce you properly.

Kan-Ra from Killer Instinct

Kan-Ra from Killer Instinct

First things first, Kan-Ra is 2534 years old. In 559BC, he was named the Vizier, the head advisor to the throne… but things didn’t stay so cheery for long. Kan-Ra had eyes for the throne, and cast a spell on the Queen to act as his assassin, preparing to charm her into killing her husband.

Unfortunately for Kan-Ra, the spell wore off early, and the Queen, believing Kan-Ra had seduced her for more romantic purposes, killed herself out of guilt.

Enraged, the King has Kan-Ra hunted down and captured by his royal guard, who brings a bloodied a broken Kan-Ra before the throne. The King summons his most powerful sorcerers and curses Kan-Ra with a withering rot- a painful dark magic curse that disintegrates flesh and organs slowly… painfully. Writhing in agony, rotting a bit more every day, Kan-Ra is exiled, he and his ambition doomed to wither away into nothingness.

So, that’s that. For more information on the character – and some updates directly from Iron Galaxy – head to the Ultra Combo forums. The studio also admits there are “no plans” for a PC version or a release of the Xbox 360 build, while story mode is coming later in Season 2.

Kan-Ra joins TJ Combo, Maya, Riptor and Cinder in Season 2 of Killer Instinct, exclusively for Xbox One, a little later this month.

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