Goat Simulator MMO update incoming

Goat Simulator is already weird enough, but developers Coffee Stain Studios don’t see any reason to slow down. The next free DLC update for the game, out November 20, will turn it into an MMO.

The MMO update brings a little class-based gameplay to the mix, adds some NPCs, creates a glorious fantasy world… and lets you play as a microwave with legs.

The trailer for the game also comes with a warning:

If you want to buy Goat Simulator solely for this expansion, please check out some reviews/gameplay videos of the expansion first!

Of course, if you know what you’re in for – don’t let us stop you.

Goat Simulator is out right now via Steam, and the MMO update is free for everyone who owns a copy of the game. It’s not known if the update will also make it to the iOS version of the game.

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