Developer returns after threatening Gabe Newell

A month ago, indie developer Mike Maulbeck had his game dropped from Steam after tweeting death threats to Gabe Newell. Shortly after that, Maulbeck quit indie studio Code Avarice, but today it seems he’s back on board.

Paranautical Activity

Paranautical Activity

The Code Avarice blog post regarding Maulbeck’s departure has since been deleted following a website redesign. In it, he wrote:

I feel is it my responsibility to step down from Code Avarice completely so that Steam has no reason to harbour any more ill will towards the company, and maybe even if we can’t see Paranautical Activity restored, at least future Code Avarice games may be allowed onto the platform.

…apparently, the idea that Steam would hold a grudge wasn’t enough to keep Maulbeck away from the studio, with a new blog post explaining that he “couldn’t commit to his decision to leave”.

In the weeks following his official stepping down Mike had second thoughts. Looking for a new source of income was extremely overwhelming and when it finally came time to put pen to paper, Mike and Travis agreed the best thing to do would be to have Mike return to Code Avarice.

Maulbeck’s twitter flare-up came after his game, Paranautical Activity was wrongly highlighted on Steam as an Early Access title despite having been recently published as a complete game.

As a response, the team at Code Avarice is putting the spotlight squarely on the games rather than the individual developers. Part of this involves creating a Code Avarice Twitter account, rather than relying on people’s personal feeds, and changing blog settings so no posts are attributed to specific team members.

At time of writing, Paranautical Activity has not been returned to Steam.

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