Evolve's Big Alpha really was pretty huge

So: Did Evolve‘s Big Alpha live up to its name? Yes, says developer Turtle Rock, announcing that gamers played more than 1.3 million matches during the five-day closed alpha test. A new infographic from the studio shows off even more tasty details.

Evolve's Big Alpha infographic

(Click for the full thing)

The ratio of 750,000 Hunter wins to 575,000 Monsters shows the 4v1 asymmetrical game is actually quite well balanced. Most gamers (22.9%) chose to play the Assault class, but there was some stiff competition from the Monster (22.4%). The least popular class? Support (sorry, Hank!).

Meanwhile, it looks like Evolve is a great spectator sport, too: 7 million Twitch users logged on to watch 2 million hours of footage.

Evolve is set for release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in February 2015.

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