Lovecraft-inspired The Last Door opens on mobile

Mobile gaming’s just gotten a little bit more spooky, as #1 bestselling, retro-themed horror experience The Last Door launches onto both iOS and Android. Described as a “love letter to H.P. Lovecraft”, what this one might lack in graphical fidelity, it more than makes up for in suspence and terror.

It’s been published to mobile as the Collector’s Edition, which compiles all four occult episodes into one handy (terrifying) must-play bundle. If you’ve already played the game chapter-by-chapter (it’s available online in various locations), you’ll still want to grab this one – there’s all-new puzzles, scenes and stories, plus remastered sound and enhanced graphics (still charmingly low-res, don’t worry).

The Last Door tells the story of Jeremiah Devitt, searching for the hidden truths of his past. The point-and-click game is set among the ancient manors, decaying tenements, Roman ruins and underground tunnels of Victorian England, where the deepest, darkest secrets lie.

You have little more than a lamp and a magnifying glass… do you dare open The Last Door?

The team’s dangling a deliciously frightening carrot before you, as well. The first chapter is available for both iOS and Android, absolutely free. Try it, you’ll like it… and then you can snag chapters two to four as an in-app purchase for US$2.99 or local equivalent. (Alternatively, The Last Door: Collector’s Edition is also available for PC, Mac and Linux, via Steam.)

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