Far Cry 4 trailer gives you the lowdown on Kyrat

We have indeed hit the time of year where all the big games come out at once. Next week, brace yourselves for impact, as Far Cry 4 brings its weaponised animals and pink suits to the table. Even if you’ve missed all the pre-release hype, Ubisoft has you sorted, with a video promising “Everything you need to know about Kyrat”, which you can watch right here, right now.

The new launch trailer properly introduces new protagonist Ajay Ghale, as well as the pink-suited Pagan Min and his mercenaries, and shows off a bunch of the fun stuff you’ll get your hands on when you set foot in the new world.

It doesn’t only focus on single-player either (although that’s obviously a big part) – the video also introduces some of the more varied gameplay modes, including both co-op and PvP.

Far Cry 4 hits PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One from November 18 (November 20 in Australia) – you’d better be ready.

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